The Regional Entrepreneurship Center – REC Innovation Lab is a startup incubator on the campus of Miramar College focused on helping all people to launch scalable, high-growth startups that use technology to solve problems.

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The REC Innovation Lab makes resources accessible and entrepreneurship possible for all people, helping innovators from diverse backgrounds to turn their ideas into startups and change the world for the better. Learn more about our startups today.

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The REC Innovation Lab is proud to help aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to transform ideas into startups, ambitions into careers, and aspirations into realities. Through the REC, these innovators are creating the solutions to society’s problems and leaving a positive impact on the world. Check out the REC and Startups in the news.

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Student Associates at the REC Innovation Lab receive job training, professional development opportunities, and in-depth internship experience through collaboration with a startup team and mentorship from the REC team. This program tailors to your skills, major, and career goals, ensuring that the training you gain is the experience you need to achieve your professional goals


The REC Innovation Lab is a community composed of the Student Founders of our startups, the Student Associates, the mentors and advisors from the industry, and our professors and administrative staff. The REC community increases the economic diversity of San Diego and gives back to local communities by supporting startups that find technology-based solutions to everyday problems


Thank you for supporting the Student Founders at the REC Innovation Lab. Your financial contribution will help these student entrepreneurs to make their dreams into realities, launching businesses that will make a difference in the world


Our mentors are industry experts who have worked with or led startup ventures; they embody the “pay it forward” culture commonly shared by successful founders. Mentors guide the Student Founders through the process and challenges of developing, pitching, and launching a company. Their mentorship empowers and enables our Student Founders to turn an original idea into a startup and a startup into an impactful business. Find out more and become a mentor today here at the REC Innovation Lab

Our networking platform connects student founders, mentors, advisors, alumni, faculty, and staff with our lab to advance your career