REC Resources Available

The goal of the REC is to provide accessible resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passions and turn ideas into startups that use technology and innovative approaches to solve problems and make an impact in the world!


At the REC we remove barriers to success and provide entrepreneurs with support including: mentorship, workshops to develop skills, opportunities to expand networks, and access to resources.  Our 16-week intensive program takes teams from the back of the napkin to the front of angel investors and students learn how to turn their passion into a paycheck, and create startups that are truly impactful in the lives of customers.


The REC never takes equity and does not charge a monthly fee.  All are welcome to sign up for our classes, workshops, speaker series, and events.  Existing business owners are invited to use our free services offered in partnership with the SBDC and receive one-on-one guidance to manage and grow their operations.

Resources Include:

  • We pair each startup with Coders/Developers from local code schools to help with app or website creation
  • We pair you with mentors who are subject-matter experts in the San Diego Innovation Ecosystem including CEO’s, Founders, Angel Investors, and Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Individual legal consultations with attorneys from New Media Rights, LLC
  •  Winners of REC pitch competition will receive entry fee, preparation and coaching for 2021 Angel Investors Conference where over $200K will be invested

  •  A brand management campaign and startup logo is created with the help of graphic design students

  • Workshops on app development, website design, customer interviews, legal structures, crowdfunding, networking, LinkedIn for entrepreneurs, and many more

  • Access to exclusive scholarships, grants, prizes
  • After program completion entrepreneurs will earn induction certificate, and three (3) units transferable course credit
  • Branded cords and stole for students earning a degree or certificate

  • Innovation Showcase where teams will present to industry experts, CEO’s and founders of high-growth startups, other experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors
  • One-on-one meetings with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

  • Professional videos created for you by Mike Clark, We Are Kingdom Productions