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 The REC Innovation Lab is proud to help aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to transform ideas into startups, ambitions into careers, and aspirations into realities. Through the REC, these innovators are creating the solutions to society’s problems and leaving a positive impact on the world. Check out the REC Innovation Lab and Startups in the news.

Till the app on Los Angeles Times

Till Hartwig, 24, and Till Kuehn, 23, have more than just a home country and a first name in common.

The two were both students at Germany’s Berlin School of Economics and Law when they applied for an exchange semester at San Diego State University. The men, who met during the application process, were both accepted into the program in the fall of 2019.

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There are many incubator programs in California, but some groups are left out when it comes to  accessing them. Graduating students lose access to community college or university-based programs,  and many professional incubator programs are priced too high for entrepreneurs from under-represented  communities. 

The Regional Entrepreneurship Center (REC) Innovation Lab at Miramar College aims to change those  dynamics by providing accessible resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can  follow their passions and turn ideas into startups. 

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“We are so proud to be recognized for embracing all of those aspects within the REC Community.” said Steve Nguyen, social media manager for the REC Innovation Lab. “One of the main goals of the REC is to create an inclusive environment for people of all different backgrounds to come and learn how to start their own companies.”

The goal of the REC is to provide accessible resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passions and turn ideas into startups that use technology and innovative approaches to solve problems and make an impact in the world!

At the REC we remove barriers to success and provide entrepreneurs with support including: mentorship, workshops to develop skills, opportunities to expand networks, and access to resources.  Our 16-week intensive program takes teams from the back of the napkin to the front of angel investors and students learn how to turn their passion into a paycheck, and create startups that are truly impactful in the lives of customers.

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WORKFORCE: Educated Workers Attract Industries
By Brittany Meiling
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Tens of thousands of well-educated millennials flocked to the San Diego metropolitan area over the last
decade, a migration local experts say significantly boosts the local talent pool and the region’s

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